Hey UG! I've been trying to learn to play guitar off sheet music, but I'm really stuck on the timing. It's not that I can't play it, I just get really confused. Any ideas on how to improve my rhythmic skills?
Sight read.
A lot.
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Sight read.
A lot.

ordinarily, i'd suggest this -- but if he's having trouble with rhythms, he's likely to mess up somewhere (unless, of course, he's very familiar with what he's playing). in fact, i advise that - listen to a piece or song many, many times before you set out to play it, then get the sheet music. you'll know the rhythm, and eventually you'll be able to associate it with the rhythm on the paper. but you could always do some rhythm training, too. teoria has some good rhythm exercises in the exercises section.

btw, dwardom - i read your signature. don't know if it makes a difference to you, but the verb "hath" is third person singular - i.e. i have, thou hast, he/she/it hath, we have, you have, they have.
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Learn drums? Or practice songs with easy progressions or melodies so you can focus more on the rhythms.

I actually think this is good advice. When I learned to play the drums, It helped me learn a lot about rythm and beat, and I'm a much better guitar player because of it.
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