So i bought a neat looking guitar at a redneck sale down the street for $12 lol. pretty beat up, its probably lost all value. looked it up and its a 60s del ray. its been refinished numerous times and re-glossed, all the electronics are original and decent condition but there's flecks of white and red spray paint on the fretboard and headstock.

anyone know a good way to get the dry flecks off the fretboard/inlays and headstock without further butchering this guitar?

the headstock has writing all over it as well, someone let there kid have this one.

Oh and im new here so i might not be in the right thread? if so, my apologies.
EDIT: Sorry, this goes perfectly fine here! Read the first bit and thought you were trying to properly identify the guitar!

I'd such suggest very very high grit sandpaper.
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Maybe the price tag is clouding your judgment ?
yeah probably. Or the circuits.
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I'd such suggest very very high grit sandpaper.

This... and patience. =)
Sanding with 400+ grit will take a while, but it won't harm your fretboard or its finish if it has one (maple fretboards all have that, otherwise they'll turn grey very fast).
you dare come here with a vintage guitar and not post pics? for shame sir. for shame.

if there's lacquer under the dry flecks of paint, get some lacquer thinner (not paint thinner/stripper or mineral spirits. it has to specifically say lacquer thinner) and get a toothbrush (or any brush with soft non-metal bristles) and apply the lacquer thinner generously while scrubbing with the toothbrush.

this will remove the dry paint and not touch the lacquer or the paint under it.if there are several coats of paint over the lacquer, this will remove all of them until you hit laquer.

it'll also heavily pick-scratch the lacquer and leave behind a milky coating. waxing it afterward will remove the coating and some good buffing will take care of most of the scratches.
yah i was going to post pics but my camera isnt working plus you cant really see it in the phone picture either . i was thinking sandpaper but i just didnt want to kill this guitar ^^. and the reason for the confusing title, i was going to ask for help identifying it first, but since the camera isnt working..and i just forgot to change it haha sorry.

Thanks for the help guys appreciated
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