Hi, I've got a marshall vintage modern 212 combo which I bought a couple of years ago. When i bought it I probibly rushed into it being naive thinking it's an all valve marshall slash uses it etc it's gotta be good but as I played it I've realised I don't really like the tone that much. I can get great tones out of it but it's a hassle altering the body and detail and guitar volume heaps for different tones, I just want something I can plug in and play without having to play around with settings heaps. Since I've had the amp I've stopped playing as much too which has affected the skill of my playing and I want to get better again. Would it be worth selling the amp and losing 1000 on what i payed for it to get something different? What would be some amps worth looking at to replace it? Im in australia so bought it for 2300 new. I like playing guns n roses, metallica, pantera, clapton, queens of the stone age, nirvana, van halen, ac/dc, alice in chains, smashing pumpkins, pearl jam etc. anything from acoustic to heavy metal really. Any help or opinions would be appreciated. thanks
we can trade, my engl screamer head. they are worth almost the same amount but sound completely different. it is a really versatile amp. maybe look it up for some more info. i'm in sydney though so if your not from around here just ignore me.
have you given any thought to an fx processor.after setup maybe you could just plug in and play.
I'm in perth sorry mate otherwise i'd look into it haha, wish I tried more amps out when i bought it
i've got a boss me-70 pedal, would of liked to of bought individual pedals but couldnt afford it. I get some good tones out of that but I still have to play around abit with amp and guitar settings. For example i like playing clean with the guitar volume on 5 because at 10 it sounds muddy but then when i want to distort it I prefer the guitar on 10 but it's hard to do that in the space of 1 note.
Keep it! It is a really great amp, it will do you for life. Just get back into practising, you will improve and do the amp justice. Perhaps you just need more time to get used to all the setting parameters and then you will be able to dial up your favourite tones a lot faster.

I don't think it is worth getting a lesser amp just because of the complaints you have. My opinion.
personally, looking at the genres you like, I'd sell the VM and buy something like a JCM900 - a straight, relatively plug and play amp with shitloads of gain... alternatively, if you can afford it a JCM800 and a boost to get it up to metal levels would be even better, but has pretty crap cleans.