I have a crybaby original, and after a huge jam session yesterday i noticed that if it is turned on with no other pedals in my chain on, it has a huge hiss which also "wahs" if you know what i mean. but if u turn on, for instance, my memory toy, the hiss disappears.
i'm quite experimental and i like the noise, but i just wonder whats made it happen..
is it something to do with too high a current passing through the pedal from the Soundlab Pedal Power? and if so, it would disappear upon switching another pedal on because the current would then be split between the two pedals.
And btw, its had a few minor mods, not that i can remember what they were.

chain - MIM Strat - Crybaby - Little Big Muff - cool cat chorus - memory toy - JCM 900 (normally a laney vc15, but yesterday i was using the studio's marshall - v nice amp )

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