Hey there guys, i saw this Ibanez on eBay, and im pretty interested in it, but i dont know what model it is.

here are some pics.

i asked the seller, but he didnt know the actual model, and just told me the serial number. And by that i can tell its made in '97 in Japan, and its definitely an RG (saw headstock)

here are some specs.

V7 & V8 Humbucker Pickups (are these any good btw?)
Wizard Neck
Floyd Rose Trem system
Basswood body
Rosewood fret board
Tone, volume and 5 way selector

anyway, thanks.
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RG520QS (Quilted Sapele)
The V7 & V8 are ok pickups, not great, but not absolutely terrible either.
And its got the Original Edge trem, one of the best double locking trems ever made. Easily on par with (if not better than) a OFR.
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Someone knows their Ibanez guitars! Nice work littlephil.
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