A few rock riffs with guitar and bass solo's throughout the track.
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And as always, C4C
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Dude! After listening to this song I don't really have many things to point out other than things I like haha. I really like the bend you did into the scale, however when the bass-y solo comes in you might want to put a light overdrive or something on it. It kinda sounds like an acoustic guitar dropped an octave instead of a bass guitar and I really like that bass-y fill the sound feel haha. Other than that, I got nothing, it's very good, teach me your ways O_O

thanks man i glad you liked it
yeah the bass tone needs some work but its pretty hard to get it right with the way i'm recording and stuff but i hope to make it better soon.
and check your thread i listened to your song
Thanks for the crit. I listened to your track. Really funky bass intro. I was kind of put off by the tone of the rhythm guitar, it sounded a little fuzzy. I personally thought it could have been a little "meatier". I would agree with Meelad's thoughts on the bass. While the riff is pretty sweet, I thought the tone was a little distracting. I don't know much about recording, but I would probably change the EQ on the bass for that part, maybe turn down the mids a lot and turn down the treble a little. Other than that I thought it was a pretty cool song. I thought the drums left something to be desired. They were just kind of there, they didn't really do much. You gave the guitar a solo and the bass a solo, maybe try to incorporate some more interesting drum parts. It doesn't have to be for the whole song, but done in moderation could be tasteful.
Nice shredding man, I agree with CDubDSP is some ways. Though I wouldn't start by going on an EQ frenzy. Try the EQ settings on your amp first and the tone knob on your guitar. Also mic placement affects the final product quite a bit. So if you're micing your cab, try getting the mic directly on the center of the cone.

Or for something a bit different try getting half way between the center of the cone and the outer rim. Also something that I do for my rhythm guitar, it's kind of cheating, record the song all the way through with the bridge pickup. Then after that overdub that rhythm part, the exact same part with the neck pickup. Personally, I've found that this adds quite a bit to rhythm tone.

The bass solo was a little much in my opinion. I'd have another person who's more of a bassist do it. I know that sounds a little harsh, it sounds like you're fairly decent on the bass. But it doesn't sound like you quite know how to get out of the guitar mindset to do your bass parts yet. Especially during the bass solo, you sound like a guitarist doing a guitar solo on the bass. Anyway, you can choose to take my advice or not on the bass thing. When you play bass like guitar player stuff sounds a little off somehow.

Either way, you're coming up with some cool stuff. Really, I dug a lot of those guitar riffs. Keep on trying, don't let the critiques get you down. I just said something to try and help your stuff sound better.
Thanks for the crit mate.

The intro was pretty funky, the bass line felt a bit predictable but then the guitar was quite varied when it came. The bass solo was really cool but it sounded a bit odd. Like, it felt like it was kinda pasted on top of the music. The sound of the bass was quite different to the song, if that makes any sense. Also I think you should put down the volume of the bass and guitar solos just a bit, they'er just a bit loud right now. But the guitar solo was nice man, and all the riffs had a really cool old school rock kinda feel. The drums were dull though, they really do help to make a song more exciting. Good stuff though