Hey, I've had a guitar for about 6 months, I've changed strings, setup the intonation and string height and (most importantly) I've changed pickups all to no avail - The guitar still sounds really muddy and bassy and really can't be used for anything high gain or distorted (which is why I bought the guitar).
I don't mind using it as a back-up but I'm just wondering:
Could it be so awful due to the rubbish Liscensed Floyd Rose?
Please reply if you've had similiar problems with cheap roses, because I'm thinking of replacing it with a schaller
What guitar are you using?

What amp are you using?

What effects are you using?
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Hang on, you set it up? No offence, but did you do it right?

What guitar is it?
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Holy crap, check this out!
Yeah man, ^^ We need to know what you're using.
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It's a Spear RD-T,
I wanted to see if they were any good for playing heavy metal,
I don't play through an effects chain,
I play a Bugera 6262 with JJ tubes through a 212 Harley Benton cabinet with one Vintage 30 celestion and one celestion G12K,
The pickups I used were dragonfire pickups (EMG rip-offs),
Which I've placed in my Ibanez GRGR121EX and even my Cruiser RG600,
They worked fine for them,
I also used two irongears (steam Hammer and hammer head), which worked great for my les paul clone project, but once again muddy on this guitar,
My other equipment and soldering skills aren't the problem,
I can get a way better sound on my amp with my other guitars,
It's just this one guitar
Cheers for the help,
It's just really strange that a guitar could be that bad for high gain,
I have a les paul copy that is basicaly hollow that I got for £30 on eBay,
And even that's a better metal guitar
Well, what is it exactly that you don't like about the tone? If it's a lack of sustain or that "full" sound then it could help to swap out the bridge or get a bigger sustain block for it. if not it's probably made out of crappy wood and or has crappy electronics. ( did you buy pots with the correct impedance for the dragonfire pups? )