I've just restrung my floyd rose for the 1st time but now when I come to tune the strings in when i lock the nut at the top they all go out of tune and the bridge is raised very high what do I need to do to fix this?
You need to unscrew the back plate from your guitar and tigthen the screws a good bit and then retune. I recommend loosening the strings before you do anything with the screws under the back plate so you dont risk breaking a string. Just keep doing this process until the guitar is in tune and the bridge is parallel to the body if the bridge starts to dip down then you need to loosen the screws behind the back plate.
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On a related topic - i have just bought a guitar with a FR, and I plan to restring it with my favoured EB super slinky strings (0.09). However, I was told that you shouldn't use such light strings on a guitar with a FR? Truth or bullshit?
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Bullshit. I've used 9's on FR guitars just fine.

Although, if you do alot of whammy pulls, 9's might brake more than 10's or so.
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I use .09's on my FR guitar.
They work just fine if you don't do extreme whammy pulls.

Hell, you could use .07's if you could find them.
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