Hey guys, just wondering if I can use my mate's BOSS ME-50B bass effects pedal with my guitar rig? My only concern is that whether or not I'll damage my speakers or inadvertently restart time :P. But seriously, I'm just a little iffy on mixing bass and guitar equipment together.

Thanks in advance for any halp.

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You can. It won't damage anything. Many players use guitar pedals for bass and vice versa, but it's somewhat of a hit and miss, as it's hard to know how it will sound.

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Bass pedals are optimised for and involve effects made for bass... but you can use if with guitar, piano, vocals, whatever... how it will SOUND is another question however.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Thanks a lot for the quick reply, guys. I'm only just borrowing it so I can try out a bunch of effects and see if I dig them

Much appreciated.
I've used the ME-20B, also have used ODB-3 as well, I believe Buzz Osbourne from Melvins uses the odb-3 too.
when im using my WD-7 i sometimes accidently switch it into bass mode.
it still works, but sounds a lot worse
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my 2 favourite guitar players often use Bass Crybaby Wah's :-)

so yeah as other people have said, it should work fine but it might sound a little different than the same guitar effect.