Hello All,

I'm just starting to play and having trouble with the G Chord. I want to use the "more difficult" technique with the 3rd finger on the 6th string-3rd fret / 2nd finger on the 5th string-2nd fret / 4th finger (pinky) on the 1st string-3rd fret. This way it is easier to switch to the C chord.

Problem is the 5th string (B) wont ring out (unless of course I break my ring finger in two places ). Any suggestions? Or should i just keep trying until it works itself out.

thanks in advance ...

Um, I don't know what the 'more simple' method is, but I play G exactly like you have said:


It will come with practice. Your fingers have to get used to being put in very unnatural positions. Some guitar fingerings are awfully odd, really. Works fine for me, and I have never once broken any fingers! Toes, on the other hand...
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try 4th finger bottom 'e' string 3rd fret / 2nd finger 'a' string 2nd fret / 3rd finger bass 'e' string 3rd fret. then just drop the top two fingers and add the first for that C chord =)
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I prefer to barre it, sounds better and maintains volume with other none open chords.

But as with the others, practice makes perfect.
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First of all what you're playing there, with the 1st fret B string, is a Gadd4 chord. The problem with playing chords in these type of shapes for beginners is that the 3rd finger and pinky are usually quite weak, which means you're having to force the strings down and subsequently lose form and technique in the process.

It'll take a while, just keep playing
if i've understood right..you're doing it harder..i normally put my middle finger, not my third fingger, on the third fret of the sixtht, my index finger, and not my second finger, on the 2nd fret of the fifth, and yes my pinky on the third fret of the smallest string.

if that's how you're doing it then keep on practising..!!
Thanks everyone for the replies. I guess i have to work at it and maybe strengthen my hands.

I've been playing over half a year and I still find it hard to switch to G as one movement, I normally put my top fingers down then the bottom two.
I fought for some time to play an open "G" with my little finger on the high "E" string. It's very efficient when playing quick, open-position tunes in C or G as in bluegrass.

Problem was, my pinkie didn't want to bend independently of my ring finger. This is a common problem... Never had any trouble damping the other strings.
I would say it took at least months and perhaps a year before I could play this position reliably.
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