Ok guys, I am a total newb to forums in general, so if i put something in the wrong place or whatnot, please just consider that..

Right, my question is about queens of the stone age, and their song "3's and 7's". As alot of fans will agree, it's a great song, with very catchy guitar lines. I'm going to be modding a telecaster soon, and i was just wondering what pickups josh homme uses for that song. I think he used seymore duncan hot rails, but i don't want to spend the money and then find i've bought something irrelivent to the sound i want.

Thanks in advance to anyone who tries to help
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What's going to be more important, seriously, is your amp. The hot rails sound similar enough to any other humbucker that if you run it through the right amp it will produce a similar tone. And I always thought he used a Schecter. Maybe a Tempest? I don't pay that much attention though.
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to my knowledge josh never used a tele with qotsa. He only uses tele's in TCV. As the guy above me mentioned, it's really the amp and pedals that are going to make the big difference here. If your deadset on pickups then i can't imagine hot rails being a bad choice though it does severely limit the options of your telecaster (i.e you lose alot of twang and tele character).
Thanks for the answer.

The thing is is that i play through many different amps......anything from a crate gt1200h head with a crate cab (discontinued model....definately punches above it's weight for metal tones), to high end marshal amps.... I understand that the amp makes a huge difference, but i suppose i was interested in finding out what pickups he uses...seeing as i'm fortunate enough to be able use many different amps, i could probably find something suitable, as for the pickups, i've never modded a guitar before, and i've always admired the tone shown in that song.

As for what guitar he uses, he has 35 different guitars....but he uses a telecaster quite frequently (or at least that's my understanding if it anyways).
Someone should have told me hard rock didn't involve viagra
As for the twang issue, i might put hotrails in the bridge, and put a fender neck pickup of some sort in, best of both worlds i would imagine
Someone should have told me hard rock didn't involve viagra
mmm well it's the bridge pickup that's known as the twang pickup on a telecaster. The neck is usually for clean and bluesy overdrive tones and doesn't cop alot of twang. Anyway if i'm honest i would be looking into a guitar with humbuckers if you don't have one already for josh's tone. So long as you have a high headroom clean amp (which it sounds like you do) that you can put pedals in front of, i don't think it's entirely necessary to go out and buy an ampeg. His favourite humbucker is a dimarzio super distortion and an epiphone dot (relatively inexpensive and something he's been known to use) with one of those in it would definitely sound very close to josh. Otherwise you could go for the hot rails and i'm sure that would also sound good but only really because of it's proximity in tone to a humbucker if you understand what i'm saying. hope it helps.
bkp piledriver set if you're looking to get rid of the twang.
what's your main amp that you play through.
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