I just got a laptop for my graduation. I really want to get some recording gear for it. What do any of you recommend. I play metal so it has to be able to handle distortion.
Assuming you have a nice amp...

Sm57= $100

M-audio "audio box"=$150

Total $250
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I'm recording guitar. The budget is under $300 and im getting a new amp (fender frontman 65r 65w) since my currnet amp is a line 6
A frontman is not an improvement over the spider.... but any sort of interface like the M-Audio one mentioned will be great with an SM57.
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you'll regret buying the Frontman, the spider will probably have better distortion.

as said above, all you need is a mic and a USB mic preamp, like the M-audio, lot's of brands make them.
read through some of the threads in the recordings forum. this kind of question is asked all the time, so you should be able to get an idea of what you need with a bit of reading.