For any of you guys who know about this stuff, I have a Schechter Pt(Tele) with a 25.5" scale length(or whatever you would call it, but it is 25.5"). I wanna have it for C# Standard, but I need heavier strings for that. What gauge would you suggest for this?

Edit: I use 10's on most of my guitars, but I'm used to 11's. I meant to say C#.
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Well, for only tuning a half step down, you should be fine with 10s. You'd prolly want your lowest string to be any where from a 46 to a 48. You don't really need a huge gauge difference between E standard and D# standard.
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Do you want it to feel like standard or a little more loose? Honestly that's not much of a detuning. .10s with a heavy bottom end?
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well, 10s are standard, and are fine for 1/2 step down. 11s are a bit heavier, and are popular for heavier music... you can go heavier than that, but you'll find the strings quite hard to bend.
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i use 9 1/2 - 48. GHS Santana big core

Good strings, i'd reccomend something like that would give you a nice feel and tone.
depending on your bridge set up, for all my floyd's I run EB extra slinky's, and EB hybrids on the hard tails, and down tune them all with no problems, for the the Flyods you will need to set them up for a down tune