Hey everybody at UG,

So I have been playing guitar for about 7 years and I am REALLY REALLY in need of a new amp. Since I just play for fun and not in front of people, I have a super shitty guitar research amplifier. It has gotten me through the past 7 years now, but I absolutely hate it because even if I play my music well, the amplifier makes it sound incredibly bad.

So, I am wanting to go and buy a new amp, but honestly I am really clueless on what I should be looking for, could you guys help me out? Here are certain things that I am looking for in an amp...

- I would like to get a decent size amp so that I can play by myself no problem, but if I wanted to start up a band I would still be able to crank it up and play with all of them (I'm guessing a combo amp?) . You guys have any idea on what size?

- I think I would prefer a tube amp. The other crappy fender amp that I have is a really small solid state amplifier, and if you turn the volume up past 2 the amp buzzes horribly with the bass notes. Are all solid state amps like this? If so, I DEFINITELY want a tube amp. I really like the warm sound of tube amps as well.

- I am uncertain if I need any built-in effects because I have a ZOOM GFX-5 effects processor. Although if there are any sweet amps out there that have really awesome effects built in, I would not be opposed to checking them out

- I would prefer that this amp be brand new. I know that you can get really sweet deals if you look around and buy used amps, but honestly I just never am really comfortable making a large purchase on something that is used. Also, I think its a hassle searching around and waiting for a really good deal, I have waited long enough, I just want a new amp damnit!!

- I would like to spend at maximum probably 700-800 dollars on it.

So that is what I am looking for in an amp, do you guys have any suggestions on what I should check out? Thanks for any advice!

PS. I guess its kind of important to know what kind of music I play too. Honestly I really play any type of music, as long as it sounds good I will play it. I really enjoy John Mayer and his sound, SRV, RHCP, Kings of Leon, good sounding classic rock, etc. The one genre that I do not like is thrash/metal. I do like metallica, but anything harder than that really just doesn't tickle my fancy.

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A fender blues jr, Vox VC or AC, Laney or maybe a peavey classic 30 could be good for you =)

if they are not enoguh for you then they all have stronger big brothers ^^
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Quote by Popnfrsh24
combo amp...decent size amp...Crank it up and play with a band...I really like the warm sound of tube amps as well...really awesome effects built in...brand new...maximum probably 700-800 dollars on it...SRV, RCHP, Kings of Leon, good sounding classic rock

You basically described a Fender Deluxe. It's a 40w Tube Amp with built-in Spring Reverb. Check it out here
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traynor ycv40 (more fendery) or 50 (allegedly more marshally, i've only tried the 40)?
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Check out these...

Epiphone Blues Custom 30
Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe
Bugera V22 or V55
VOX AC15 or used AC30

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