How on earth does one fret this chord?

[i]let ring[/i]

I'm attempting this on an acoustic. I'm using my pinky on the 4, but I can't seem to keep all my other fingers down for the notes to ring out. It's maddening.

Any tips?

Edit: This is what I'm trying to play HOW DOES HE DO IT?!
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hmm... toughy... could... uh... just use the thumb to hiit a harmonic on it, which would ring regardless of your hand touching it, leaving the other fingers free to finger the A minor frets... other than that, its damn hard to finger it al flawlessly i thinks... infact, im gonna try now
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time to flex up that pinky, it seems! Tried it, and I'm just a little bit short from getting it, but it feels like with some practice it wouldn't be too hard.

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Easy. Angle your wrist.

EDIT: Then again, I have the longest fingers of anyone I know. So maybe it's just me.

EDIT 2: Just tried it. It's definitely possible, but pretty painful to hold it. I found it easier to start the pinky over the third fret (not fretted, to prevent playing the wrong note) and quickly slide it into position at the fourth once all the other fingers are in place.
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wait... how cant u use your pinky... hard to get the hands comfy that way, but just stick at it
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Well the 221 is your standard amin chord. Ignore the g# on the low E string for a while and focus and properly fretting the amin chord. Then slowly stretch your 4th finger out to the low E. It is quite a stretch for your pinky but it's doable. You might have to arc your fingers a bit more than usual.
Time for some stretching. It's not that hard once you can stretch your fingers out more.
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Considering that you only need to reach out for the G# after you've already played the Amin it's fairly easy to do if you're not trying to hold it all down straight off. All it takes is angling your wrist and your finger so you're not barring/muting other strings.
Even in that video he's only just reaching the 4th fret and isn't tight behind the fretwire.
If that is difficult It is because your hand isn't positioned properly.

Get the palm of your left hand parralell to the fretboard.

And your thumb in line with your middle finger.
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wait... how cant u use your pinky... hard to get the hands comfy that way, but just stick at it

you can bar the notes on the second fret with your mid finger.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Thanks for the advice, everyone! I've been practicing it for a while and I've played it cleanly once or twice. A big problem I'm having is the transition. This is the whole part:

let ring throughout

I play the first A minor chord perfectly, but when I angle my wrist to put my pinky down on the 4, the ring finger fretting the 2 on the G lifts up a little and I get that dreadful *clunk* sound for that string. It happens to my middle finger for the 2 on the D too, but it's not as bad.

Should I get bionic fingers that lock on to frets?
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You could also play it like this...it needs some stretching too but not as bad as x4x221x

let ring throughout
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Interesting...what fingers do you suppose I use for the 4775xx ?
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You could use your chin...
Oh yeah.

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