I've been interested in playing blues guitar recently, particularly SRV/John Mayer style, and also am interested in applying it to rock music.

Anyway, has anyone ever tried the DVDs in http://www.steviesnacks.com/ ? I've watched quite a few of his free videos on Youtube already and he has an interesting way of viewing the fretboard in 'blues boxes' which are apparently different from the 'box pattern' scales. He also has extensive DVDs on techniques like the 'baseball bat' grip that SRV uses, as well as raking, bending, picking and vibrato.

I'm interested to know if anybody here has tried his products and if they're worth the money
I've been to his website and it is very interesting. I have yet to order any of his DVD's but I would like to try them. Feedback from any owners would be appreciated.

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I really compare Anthony Stauffer (the guy behind steviesnacks.com) to another famous internet teacher, Justin Sandercoe, because they both have very personable teaching styles and give out a lot of lessons for free, with the DVDs almost being a second thought.
Bumpin' this up. I've got almost $200 saved up and I'm wondering if his DVDs are worth it. They really only teach Texas blues guitar style but it's a widely applicable style anyway, especially for my case, in which I'm going to apply it to metal.