Hey , I have just started to build my own guitar and my plan is to have the shape and the color of the BC RICH DRACO GHOST FLAME.
Now , I thought about using Ash wood....cause I know it sounds great and has a lot of sustain......
What do you think?
Any suggestions?
I don't quite understand alot about which woods are best for what. But the overall consensus seems to approve Alder as being the best wood for "Metal" type music, as Mahogany is a "tone" wood. I am not quite sure where Ash wood fits in the mix. But I guess it all really boils down to what you want, personally. I prefer Maple neck, ebony fretboards, and the body to be made from mahogany. Mahogany seems to be "darker" in tone, while alder, to me, seems to have a more balanced tone, producing crisp sustain(not sure about that, tho) but it does sound brighter than Mahogany. I have yet to really try an "ash" made guitar, or, if did, I didn't know it. =/
I would just make sure that you got a good piece of ash. From what I understand, because ash isn't quite as dense and regular as some other woods, like mahogany and such, the sound can vary between pieces a lot more than other woods. So as long as you get a good piece, it'll probably sound pretty good. If you get a bad piece though, there's more chance that it won't sound as good as if you used another wood and got a bad piece.
There are two basic types of ash, northern hard ash, and swamp ash. They both sound totally different. I'd use swamp ash though, because IIRC Draco's don't have very much body wood, and that'll make up for it.
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Ultimate tone wood thread. Read it. Ask there if you have questions. Link is in the essential links thread, which is stickied.

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