So basically I am looking for a drummer (with a drumset the band doesnt have one) and someone with an inexpensive bass amp who lives in lansing michigan. PM me for a number to call if you want to come jam.

I guess I should go a little more into detail about what kind of band we are:
Band Name: Pompus Skivvies (At the moment)
Genre: Nothing official (yet) but we are heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix and other late 60s rock, 70s metal and blues from all time periods
Band Members: Myself (Lead Vocals/Some Bass) and my friends Steve (Lead Guitar/Main Songwriter) and Jose (Rhythm Guitar/Bass/lyric writing)

We want someone who is openminded, dependable and most importantly, a good musician. You probably wont dig us to much if you're avidly anti-drug. We wont push 'em on you but don't preach to us about using them.
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