I am about to start playing bass. I have been learning some on a friend of mine's and it is time for me to get my own rig. I have a budget of around 600 for an amp and a bass.

For the bass I have been looking at these two:


For the amp, i have been looking at this one.

How do you guys think this would be for a good setup to last me for quite a while. If these are not good choices, what do you guys recommend?
I say check out some pawn shops or look on craigslist. you can save a hell of a lot of money and get a quality bass.
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I'd say go for the Ibanez, just my opinion. looks a tad cooler too. As for the amp, can't really help you, I love Fender Rumble amps but that might be out of your range. What about Yamaha basses?? Just throwing out another option... http://www.guitarcenter.com/Yamaha-RBX374-Electric-Bass-Guitar-102773439-i1150344.gc ??

Thanks for the prompt responses. I will probably go with the ibanez then.

Fresh, http://www.guitarcenter.com/Fender-Rumble-75-75W-1x12-Bass-Combo-Amp-105767826-i1500543.gc would actually be keepping things in my price range. That plus the Ibanez would put me right near 600 including tax.
Both the Peavey and Fender are pretty good, I am not personally a bass player but I have played on them both. Yet again, another Fender product with lotsa 5 star reviews.
Don't get the Epiphone. Epiphones are overpriced, and Les Paul basses are rubbish. Obviously there will be some people that like them, but it's much more likely you'd prefer the Peavey.