I have a EHX Nano Clone that I'm looking to sell or trade. It's in fantastic condition, it just doesn't have enough variety and options for me, perhaps just a little too subtle.

I was thinking that about £25 is a reasonable amount to ask for.

Possible trades would be Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo or any other tremolo that has fast square wave (slicer) effect.

Also I'm looking for a good quality compressor; MXR or Tonerider are my preferred choices and I'd be willing to add cash on top of either of those.

Hit me up folks...
Quote by Duv
£15? Cash on collection (will only be coming from Brum).

Can't go that low mate as the £25 asking prince was without delivery.

You got anything for trade, or maybe willing to get a little closer to the £25?
Cheers mate, I'll keep an ear/eye out for you.

Just to add that I'm actually looking for loads of pedals so offer up anything you've got for trade....
^ I'll do likewise.

And as for any other pedals to trade, I'm not selling anything at the moment other than the Tele and the Marshall. I'm currently in the process of clearing out the things I don't want/need and settling on my setup. It's taken a few years working out what I wanted/needed but I'm almost at the stage.

I'll let you know if anything changes.


I still have the Nano Clone for sale or trade. Also looking for a 1 Spot on the trade front.