Alright so I'm currently playing on a Squier Strat...It's horrible....Under the plate on the back, where you put new strings in, there is a black wire. I don't know if it has always been like this, but the wire is cut. Does anyone know what the wire goes to? The guitar still plays fine but I'm just curious as the what the wire goes to.
Its a ground wire. I believe it should be soldered to the bar that holds the springs on, but I'm not 100% positive.
^ That sounds like it to me.
The wire should be soldered on to the bit with the springs, and the other end should probably be soldered to the volume pot.
Without the grounding wire you can expect a lot more noise, and pops and crackles when you touch your hands against the strings r other metal bits of the guitar.

It won't stop your guitar from working, but will make it noisy as hell.
It’s the ground. Solder it in place if it’s long enough, otherwise just buy some wire and replace it.
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It’s the ground.


Its not like we haven't already established that or anything.