Quick background:

I'll be going back to UConn for my last two semesters in the fall. I painted at the beginning of the summer, but that kinda fell through when my boss (24 yrs old) threatened to burn down my house. Now I'm unemployed and I see the opportunity to push myself past the plateau I've been trying to work through.

"Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar" by Troy Stetina (Mon-Fri 10-11am)
- Basically picking and fingering exercises to develop speed.

Licks and Techniques practice (Mon-Fri 11-12pm)
- Basically use this time to work through "Rock Guitar Secrets" by Peter Fischer and learn the licks and practice different techniques.

"Fretboard Mastery" by Troy Stetina (Mon-Fri 12:30-2:30pm)
- Good book with lots of ear training, basically teaches you all the intervals, scale positions, chord forms, and theory that I know but am having trouble applying on the fly.

Relative Pitch ear training (3:00-3:30pm Mon, Wed, Fri)

Perfect Pitch ear training (3:30-4:00pm Mon, Wed, Fri)

Transcription (4:00-4:30pm Mon, Wed, Fri)

Sight Reading (4:30-5:00pm Mon, Wed, Fri)

Improvising (3:00-4:00pm Tues, Thurs)

Composition (4:00-5:00pm Tues, Thurs)

Repertoire (5:30-7:00pm Mon-Fri)

Comments? Suggestions as to how to practice certain things? Anything? I'm looking for help here.
That is a beast of a practice schedule in my opinion. Remember to have fun or its not worth doing it all.

You seem to have everything covered. If you actually undertake all this practice thats amazing work man -- you should record a video of yourself at the playing ability you currently have, then in a few months record another so you can compare how far along you have come.

Good luck.
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wait, why did he want to burn down your house?

Long story short - the guy is bipolar, really short fuse with a Napoleon complex the size of his ego. I did good work for him, but it was my first summer painting and I didn't really know what was going on because he wasn't really teaching me how to do anything, it was more like "Do this," and then "This is wrong."

Not to mention $10/hr cash is not worth me risking my future as a musician up on top of a 30 ft tall ladder.

JJ - Thanks for looking it over. I'll only be able to follow it for the next 10 weeks, then school starts.. I plan on putting up some videos on Youtube soon and maybe keeping a journal thread up here.
Want to see my schedule?

Sun-Sat 4:00pm-1:00am
Have fun playing guitar

Just make sure you're having fun playing guitar, and don't turn it into a chore. Your schedule seems pretty good though, pretty detailed.
too true bro getting skills on an instrument takes work and pain.
Guitar FTW
Seems like a lot of time doing it all at once, might want some breaks in there maybe cut some of the sections down by like 10-20 minutes or put some of that stuff on the weekends instead of doing it on x day so you don't burn yourself out. But good luck though.
I've found I work best in 15-30 minute bursts with a short 5-10 minute break in between, which is what I do. I just wrote the big 2 hour block in there so I'd know about how long I'd be working on said topic.
Hey what activities do you do for relative ear training and perfect pitch ear training? I'm just curious
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Relative ear training is mostly playing and singing along to melodic or harmonic intervals (obviously you can't really sing a harmonic interval).

Perfect pitch is identifying specific tones.