So I was looking through the lessons here on Ultimate guitar, and I realized I have NO idea which to start with...

So I was wondering, is there anywhere on this site, that has like lessons bringing you through begginer to advanced playing techniques

I would also like ot learn stuff on theory, but then again, I have no idea where to start

I'm a decent guitar player, nothing fancy, I don't solo, I know how to palm mute, tap, pinch harmonics(artificial and natural) etc. etc. I know basics, but I want to expand my playing, so if anyone could help, that'd be wonderful
justinguitar.com can give you the basics, and its set up in lesson 1 lesson 2 lesson 3 etc format
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I am a guitar teacher, I can teach you the theory in simple methods ( none ofthis super convoluted stuff) I will teach you the techniques YOU want to learn.

Email me at danirv81@yahoo.com.au