I am about to buy a Tusq Pre-slotted nut for my Strat.

I understand that I may need to file the it down a bit to fit in the neck slot, but will I have to file the actual string slots at all?

I am assuming I will not as it has be Pre-slotted, but I am just asking for reassurance.

Thanks, any help will be appreciated.
depending on where you buy it from the string's slots might not be cut well enough to prevent lots of friction. also, if the string's slots are too high then the notes will be sharp when you press down onto the fretboard. i had this happen once with one of my necks from warmoth. was a prettye asy fix if you have the files, but they can be somewhat expensive (not that bad from warmoth's website, but more expensive from stewmac or something).

chances are the nut with be alright, but you'll probably want to get the guitar set up and let the luthier know you installed a new nut. just curious, where are you ordering from?
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