I recently bought a Morley Volume Plus volume pedal. One thing that aggravates me is the volume isnt very smooth, meaning when Im using it to fade in or out it goes from being very quiet to extremely loud. Its very hard to get a smooth fade in or out. My guitar has EMGS so i thought maybe it was because the pedal picks up a diffrent frequency range or something like that. Not really sure. Anything I can do to fix this? Or at least an explanation why this is happening?
Well do you try pulling up very slowly?
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Are you using any other pedals?
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Well yeah that works but its extremely sensitive i mean any slight movement and the volume just jumps way up.its like the first1/2 of the pedal is quiet and the next thing you know your at top volume
i happen to have a morley too and the volume control is awful, it's either on or off. thats just how it is, sorry =/
Try adjusting the pot inside. Maybe it's not set properly?
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How do i Adjust the pot? And if I were to look into a volume pedal that actually works the way im looking for what would be the best choice?
My dunlop high gain volume works fine.

Prehaps try swapping the pot inside.
250k audio taper is whats in mine and its pretty smooth.

I dunno whats stock in the morleys though.

(Actually i think morleys are electro-optic. Meaning they use LEDs and LDRs to control the volume. So im not sure on how you could use that to adjust the taper/indexing really.
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