I believe it's an E of some sort. also sounds like a minor chord.
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EMb9sus4 (E Major Flat 9th Suspended 4th) or FM#13/E (F/E Major Sharp 13th).


EDIT: Screwed it up. EM7 sus4
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Chords are a series of notes, they're not confined to shapes from chord websites.

Naming this/any chord would also be easier with context.
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EM7sus4? Hmm, when I go to a different website, that doesn't seem to be the chord (Even with the 4 different variations):


Thats because in your chord, the 4th is doubled-up whereas most of the time only one 4th is used in a sus4. I'm fairly certain that your chord is an EM7sus4 (thanks to the other poster for naming it properly!)