Nice one! Cheers from Sweden!
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Not bad, though the drums could really use a facelift. They're a bit tame for the style. The riffs are catchy and heavy though, so good going there.
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All the riffs except the pre-chorus one sound pretty damn epic. Although I think the pre-chorus riff can sound better with RSE or if it were like actually recorded. It also kinda sounds like the riff to"Pursuit of Vikings." And I agree with above poster. Like the drum fills and the overall drum parts Amon Amarth's drummer does are pretty crazy and intense. But otherwise awesome song. I really liked it.
I'll record this song tomorrow and post the video on YouTube. I'll give the URL in the thread.
Sounds like one of Amon Amarth's better songs, only complaints are drums but otherwise i really like it
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Thanx. I've added some parts to drumtrack for more complexicity.
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sounds awesome dude! keep it up!
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I can't crit this because I'm too busy headbanging.

Sounds great!
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