Ok ive been looking and search for awhile now and i want a answer to clear this up on my mind. Carvin X100b a afforable amp, Can it do thrash? Like Megadeth or Slayer for example. With or without boosting? To me the X100B looks similar to a JCM800 so i figured that it might. If the X100B doesnt do thrash what amp does for the same price as a carvin x100b? Bugera 1990?
If you find a late model with the "hot rod modification 1b" it's plenty capable. They built this thing to be a marshall killer. The active EQ makes all the difference. They pop up on ebay once in a while. On the other hand any x100b with a stomp box in front of it will also do. The clean channel is amazingly clean and loud!!!! Just an all round great amp. They also come EL34 or 6L6 equipped. The last few amps they made, which i own, will take either. Just a little bias job and it's done! My favorites, just check my sig.
I love all 5 (sold a couple) of my Carvin X-100b's.
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But yeah, X100bs are amazing. May or may not do Slayer without a boost depending on your taste, but with a boost it just destroys. Its like a brighter, crunchier marshall, but can be smooth too. Like I said, very CRUNCHY
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yep cant go wrong with that amp, its great
i prefer the carvin mts for my thrash sound though, and the cleans are amazing especially when used with a ce-2 and the lead channel rips
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like i plan on getting a off the shelf brand new x100b reissue and change the tubes to el34. I also wanted the amp because it reminded me of a mesa boogie mark series with the graphic eq. How well can this amp do for metallica to?

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My XT112 (basically an X100 combo) will give me some thrash metal tones without the aid of any pedals. Tis a great amp, wicked clean channel.
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Hey what can I say? I have just about every series/config/tubes/mods you could ask for on this amp. If you want old metallica, totally possible without any external effects, as long as it has the factory hot rod mod. If it doesn't have it call Torres engineering and order a dual stage master kit (about 50 bucks). Basically it adds another volume knob after the original master volume. You can crank some serious gain out of one of these! It's like cranking a 5 watt amp with 100 in reserve!!! any noob with a soldering iron can do it, totally easy. There's some super smart guys at the Carvin museum that can show you how to add chokes and other mods to make this amp almost anything you want. It will never be a dual rectifier, but a marshall will never compete. I'm thinking about selling a last year production amp with the ozite covering. If I decide to I'll post it.... Damn I think i'm a huge fan of these things
I love all 5 (sold a couple) of my Carvin X-100b's.