Whooaaa i just printed out 539 pages! Printed out the Mark Levine Jazz Theory book, which is not only a bible for Jazz but for any style of music. Very great book, and i'm so happy i can finally start taking my theory to a higher level

Saved me a lot of money, which i can spend on... indeed, guitars

My parents called me crazy lol
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What's the point of making this thread if you don't post a link to that book ?

Am i allowed? since its illegal booooh hooooh you know,, downloading and stuff
Hope it helps ya, thats a lot of paper
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Hope it helps ya, thats a lot of paper

you sound like my dad

i just saved about a 100euro,, which is something close to 80dollars i guess, dunno the exchange rate and i certainly dont feel like checking it

Anyway the main rule here in holland is, when its american and electric, its overprized
This is some sorry shit.

You make a thread to announce that you stole a book through the net. Well done sir.

Not to mention that the book costs nowhere near 80 dollars and that the euro is far stronger than the dollar anyway...