Hey, ive come across an unusual sweep section in the song airborne by george bellas

( tab http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/g/george_bellas/airborne_guitar_pro.htm#comments)

You can see in this video at 0:25 a 2 string sweep

also there at 2:10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVmAxjhb1vI

Any idea how to play this. I try to sweep it but it sounds like I play the 2 notes at the same time, muting is harder than 5 or 6 string sweeps, any tips please?
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muting is harder than 5 or 6 string sweeps, any tips please?

You already know what to do, it's just a matter of practice.
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i dont think its economy picking look at the tab, also economy picking is when you pass to another string with the same picking direction but only 1 time, but in this case the player goes down and up like a sweep
Not actually a sweep...its more like fast picking.

Very nice piece though. Jut practice it slow and eventually you will get it.

There sweeps in this song however but not at the part you are talking about.
also it appears to be alternate picking just very smooth and controlled. His movements are very small (like they should be.) And it can create the illusion of a "2 string sweep" but he is simply picking a string twice and then picking the next string twice and alternating. what looks like 2 movements is in fact 4 very precise movements.
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anyone has an idea? , thanks for these responses

It's economy picking basically. Start with a downstroke on the higher note, upstroke the same note, upstroke the lower note (don't do separate motions, just glide it), then a downstroke on the same lower note.
It's just playing each note twice using a sweep motion.