Haha definitely sounds like a demo. I agree that the vox needs to be EQd better, and in my opinion the guitar tone needs to be worked on because it sounds very razor-y when you're doing those fills. The bass drum sounds like it could use some gain as well, since I can barely hear it when everything is going at once. The solo at the end is very good and clean, albeit just a tad bit generic in my opinion. However, everything as a whole seems pretty good, and I'm looking forward to hear more stuff from you guys.

Beginning riff sounded like Cynic and it was sick as hell, but when the vocals came in trying to sound exactly like Metallica, it kind of ruined it for me. I would say to make the vocals stand out more, but I don't know if I would want to hear it that much. I guess they're alright for what they are though. Music is definitely sick, guitar tone is pretty close, possibly needs a little more bass in the mix, it sounds thin.

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Writing as listening:

The intro grabbed me but the vocals didn't really not because sounds like James Hetfield but because the vocals weren't on top of the mix all the time. The vocals need some work IMO. Take this with a grain of salt though bro, It's just an opinion. The music is pretty ****ing great. Great songwriting, very heavy, very melodic. I love the music. The guitar tone is pretty spot on for the song, the bass needs to be a bit higher in the mix and the drums sound great. The solo at the end was cool man, fits the mood. Good job! Keep it up!

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Cheers for the feedback, the vocals always seem to be a love or hate thing for people with our band, not so much a delibrate attempt at hetfeild , was more jst the way i learned how to sing, singin along to tallica songs and its just kinda stuck. Think thats part of why weve tryed to do something a little bit different with our newer stuff so that vocals aint such a big deal. Hopefully we can get the mix fixed but soon so it sounds better.