I've been noticing when I listen to a lot of singers, they tend to be louder when they hit notes closer to the top of their range. I'm not meaning like a falsetto or anything, but when guys like Nevershoutnever hit high notes without going into falsetto they sing them louder. I've always found the higher notes in my range get quieter, so does anyone have any tips or exercises for projecting higher notes?
You may very well be choking them off. We have a tendency to reach for the notes in our minds. If we perceive the note to be high you will strain to get to it. Its like rock climbing and you think the next ledge is just out of reach so you strain to reach it.

Instead, use your diaphragm and move more air instead of less. In no way does that mean push the air. Instead, let the air flow out of you in a relaxed fashion and refuse to choke it off.

Aside from that, don't tense up your face or lips as that leads to you tightening your throat.
Hit the note off of the hard part of your mouth, not the soft palate near your throat.
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