Hey all, my band just finished tracking our first demo and I'm looking for some feedback, mainly on the vocals. When I listen to it, the vocals seem weak and just don't feel right to me. Are there any tips/suggestions/techniques you guys could offer to improve the quality should we decide to do another round of vocal tracks? Feel free to comment on the other aspects of the song/mix. It's located in my profile "Only You Know".

Thanks in advance!

PS - I'm not the singer, but we are going to have a band meeting to talk about how we think the recordings are turning out and I would like to have some good points to bring up. I personally feel everything is pretty solid except the vocals, but I'm not sure how I would go about changing them.
I like the ideas you're putting down, however it kind of feels like it's dragging to me. Try to stay on top of the beat more, and that way it won't feel like it's slowing down (even though it isn't). Also, I agree about the vocals, your vocalist needs to have more power when singing (support using the diaphragm, keep the throat open, etc). Also, it might benefit to turn up the guitar and bass more or turn down the vocals, then turn up the entire track.

Overall I think it's a very good track. Remember to take my advice with a grain of salt also.

Listening as writing:

Love the intro, it's catchy. The guitars are heavy but melodic. I agree with Meelad360 about the vocals, it needs to stay on top of the beat and more power. But there are times where it sounds good! The chorus is good, pretty good. If you get some better vocals on it, I'm sure it'll be a shining song. I really like the guitars in this song :P Oh and the mix is pretty well done. Good job bro! Keep it up!

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I liked how the song kinda built up at the start. The vocals felt a bit out of place at first, they're a bit too loud I think as well, but as the song went on they worked out actually. I get what you mean by the vocals seem weak though, kinda seems like he's got a blocked nose some times. I quite like the vocal melodies throughout the song though.

But when the palm muted guitar melody comes in at 0:40, it really sounds like it was ripped from 'Same Thing We Do Everyday Pinky' from Broadway. I listened to both songs to compare and you've got like almost the same chord sequence, with a similar guitar rhythm. It's not exactly the same, but when I heard this song, it reminded me exactly of Broadway's song. If you've never listened to Broadway then alright then, but seems a wee bit fishy to me.

The drums are pretty good and quite interesting throughout, the hihat was a little quiet though, and the guitar generally reminds me of Saosin, which is good. But yeah, I didn't really like the singer's voice, I liked the bit near the end where he went really high actually, but still. And apart from the one bit which I kinda thought you guys slightly ripped off Broadway, it's a good solid song. Apologies if you've never listened to them.

Oh and btw, you think you could give a listen to my rock161 demo on my profile as well? Since you liked 152 I think you'd like this one as well.
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you guys have a good sound. i like the guitars drums bass ect. sounded spot on. first the track seemed a little bit long to me. maybe 3 min would be better. short and to the point you know. she/he has a good voice. but im not sure its the voice for yalls band. it just dont seem whisky stianed you know. its to pure/clean/church sounding. maybe its just me. but i think you need to find a diff singer. even if the new person doesent have as good of voice, i think it will be a better fit. chemistry just doesent seem right you know. maybe its just me. good track.

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