Can't seem to finish these lyrics, hit writer's block right in the middle of a freaking verse... Don't really like these that much to begin with, but I'll put them on here anyway. If anyone has any pointers on how I can finish these or just any general advice on improving them, that'd be splendid. Also, if the lack of rhyming lyrics annoys anyone, except for part of the first verse, it does actually rhyme in every verse the way it's sung, it just depends on the timing of the lyrics that may be difficult to see by just reading them.

There's a song I have stuck in my head
But I can't recall the tune
Guess I'll make a new one
To hum when you are far away

Curbside prophets still proclaim
Their own take on truth
The drunken faceless youth that think
They have some sort of part to play

In the bigger picture, but in a whisper
On your knees your pray
"God, take it all away"
But you already have your answer

So take it in, embrace your sin
Cus you know it's here to stay
And it won't go away
So close your eyes and tell me when

It all comes out and someone shouts
"You've only got one life to live"
So give and give and give
Until you can say without a doubt

That you gave it all, and you stood tall

(And here is the random, awkward place in the song I hit writer's block >.<
"Love everything. Know nothing."

"What do you mean 'do you even know how to play bongo drums?'?! Do I not have hands?! And pot?!"