hello against bass forum

long story short, started with bass, moved to guitar, and now am back in between. problem is, i sold my old acoustic b200 because i didn't use it for about a year.

does anyone have an ashdown perfect 10? ashdowns have interested me for a long time and i (finally) found a dealer near me.

here is a link to the new model: http://ashdownmusic.com/bass/detail.asp?section=practice&ID=81

i want a bass amp for home use that handles grit and mellowness well. just looking for some first hand experiences with this amp. thanks!
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Not much of a bass person, but my friend raves about these amps. He has been playing for about 4 years now, so i dont know if he's right or not.
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Hard to tell exactly what you're looking for really - do you want someone who likes Ashdowns to tell you which one to get specifically, or just general amp advice?

If it's the first option, then I'd suggest not buying an Ashdown at all, and checking out the other options. If you're set on buying one though, just go and play some and make your own mind up as to which to buy.

If you want general advice with amps, I'd personally recommend checking out Ampeg. As with most things, it's personal taste, but I think they blow Ashdown out of the water.
Definatly play some yourself, its alot of preferance as i think Ashdown blows ampeg out of the water, cab wise anyway. Ive only played 1 ashdown head and 3 ampeg heads but i loved the ashdown much more