Honestly dude, that's really vague. We don't know what kind of music you're playing so we don't know what amp you need to use. Try using the search bar or just look in this section for threads like this. The same question gets asked ten times a day.
I don't think that's the case.
You say you use FL Studio. Well for recording guitar you're going to want a decent DAW.
Reaper is your best bet since it's free.

I'd look into VST-plugins since they're free and you can find a load of different kinds of them.
Unless you have a seriously nice studio-setup then digital recording is your best bet.
recording il FL is a pain in the ass. great program for doing lots of other stuff, but not so much recording.

you dont need anything else to record, you can record into FL. just open up the manual and read through it. ive also talked with someone about how to do it on here before, so you can do a search to find that. you should have everything you need, you just need to do a little research to figure out how to do it.

same kind of thing with adding effects. you just gotta do some research to figure out what you arent doing. this thread might help. something i wrote up a while ago.

if you have a more specific question on something, please ask. but general questions are pretty much a waste of everyone's time.