alright, so i have a vox vt15 amp. i also have a boss mt-2 that i used for when i only had my marshall mg. my question is, would it sound good to use the mt-2 through the vox? how would i balance out the knobs on my amp with the eq on the pedal?
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First, only use the MT-2 on the Boutique Clean setting- anything else gets lotsa feedback/mush. Feel free to experiment, though (I find the Tweed amps get into a fuzz type of zone with distortion pedals). As for settings, I just EQ my VT30 for how I want cleans to sound and my Digitech Hardwire TL-2 (basically a better Metal Zone) for how I want distortion to sound.

Though don't expect anything too amazing. Since Valvetronix amps are modeling SS amps at heart (one tube don't do much...), it won't sound nearly as good as with an actual tube amp. I'm learning that right now the hard way. It'll do fine for now, though.
Couldn't you have plugged it in and tried it out to see if it sounded good yourself and turned a few knobs before coming to ask on an internet forum?