Poll: Boss GT-8 Or Digitech RP500 Effects board?
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View poll results: Boss GT-8 Or Digitech RP500 Effects board?
Boss GT-8
3 75%
Digitech RP500
0 0%
Other pedal of equal cash value
1 25%
Voters: 4.
I want to get a multi-fx unit. I want basically a good rock and metal tone, some cool effects and just some kick ass stuff. I don't need it to be 100% true to tube but I want it to just sound good, clear, and heavy. So should I get the GT-8 or the RP500? If you could give me reasons why please post them. The more you can tell me why one is better then the other the better off i'll be.
i have a GT10, no experience with the digitech RP series

if you get a GT8, you will need to spend a few weeks learning how to use it on a casual basis(i have had it for maybe 3 weeks now and i am still doing basic tweaking on 1 amp sim, haven't even touched the effects yet)

I use a GT8 guide as my reference when i am tweaking a GT10.

GL in making your choice, but FYI, i like my GT10 even tho its taking ages to get a nice tone.