This seems like an obvious question but there don't seem to be any threads on it. I'm referring to wahs that require you to manually push the pedal, no auto-wah phase type pedals.

I use a Dunlop Classic wah, I reckon it's awesome. I don't know about the 'best' though.
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Holy crap, check this out!

the most expensive ones.

I've heard the Fulltone Clyde is one of the best production wahs around today.. not sure I've never played one.

Also read a lot of good reviews about the Buddy Guy Crybaby, as well as the Crybaby from Hell, that one should be relatively versatile because of all the settings.
yes, bogg got it, there is a thread dedicated to this subject, and those are the favored brands. we have 2 teese wahs and a clyde deluxe. they do their own things and they do them well.
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one that goes waaaahwaaaaaahhhhhhhhwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh will be the goodest
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i am not a big wah type of guy, but the fulltone wah is awesome. i am not a big crybaby fine, so i would personally dodge that. but YMMV, and if the budget is small, i am sure a crybaby of some kind would work.
ernie ball wah, hands down. I have had many dunlop, they all broke, and the others aren't worth the money. This pedal is built to last and sounds amazing/
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Teese is the greatest. Hands down. Nothing comes close to my RMC3. It's infinitely tweakable, sounds great, is built like a tank and Teese's customer service is literally the best I've ever experienced. There are no other manufacturers that will get back to you within 10 minutes late on a Sunday night but Teese will consistently. If you have any problems tweaking the RMC3, he knows the circuit so well that if you give him a vague description he'll probably be able to nail it in one or two tries.
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