when ever I first plug in my guitar and warm up I always start at G(3rd fret). how about you?
A fifth fret.
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At the moment, I start on the 10th fret, on the root of the D major scale, and do a few warm-up runs and sweeps. All depends on what scale I'm writing the majority of my songs with, though. If I'm writing a song in G, I'll do a few runs on that scale.

I usually start at the 7th fret and then do it another time in 1st position with open strings (for bigger strech, of course).
root six scales as in like mixolydian?

First thing I play is usually a jazz song called donna lee
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I believe that 'H' is considered to be a note in place of a 'B' by some.

I wasn't joking.
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I wasn't joking.

Okay, cool. The musical alphabet I grew up with goes from A-G, as with most people around my area, so when you say you start on 'H,' I think you're kidding.

No big deal.
The first note of that scale starting on the low E string, thus calling it "Root 6"
I'm surprised you're getting this many serious responses in the Pit. I'm pleased.

Shouldn't this go in Musician Talk though? I don't care, I'm just saying.
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I intentionally try and play something different each and every time I sit down with my guitar.
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F, first fret.
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