Does anyone have any experience/Has anyone had any handson time with the Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro? How is it? Does it pull off the single-coil sound well with its coil tapping and give it a lot of versatility?
havent tried that particular guitar, but here's my take on coil tapping.
it does NOT sound like a single coil. but it DOES sound good. it is often too quite on a clean channel, but i love to pull my coil tap (on my HH tele, seymour duncan 59 pickups) when i want to do something like purple haze where i dont want huge gain and beef. i find it pulls some saturation out and makes it a little less midsy, if that makes any sense.
moral of the story is, make sure the humbuckers sound great to start with. if they're cool, then coil tapping can be awesome
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Well basically it looks like its the same as the standard pretty much just with different pups, zebra covers, and coil taps. the regular standards are pretty good, so I don't see why this wouldn't be better. The coil tapping will indeed give you versatility.

I used to have an Epi LP Standard Plus, and it was a good guitar for an epiphone. Better than any other model Epi I had played before. Obviously not gibson quality, but definitely not bad.
Would I be able to pull off John Mayer/Coldplay/Killers/Muse with it (either in regular humbucker or singlecoil mode?)?
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John Mayer? No. And maybe some Muse stuff. The others will be fine.
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^where does he have the money for mesa anything?

i'd say a mesa head on average goes for atleast 800, and a cab atleast 500
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^where does he have the money for mesa anything?

i'd say a mesa head on average goes for atleast 800, and a cab atleast 500

Uh.... what are you talking about?

Anyway, the Traditonal is very similar to the Standards. I played one just the other day and it was pretty solid. Pickups were a little lacking in character but that's what I expected. Didn't really mess around much with the coil tap too much. So overall I would say go for it.
Hm. I'm not a shredder wanananana type, more of a songwriter type with the occasional solos thrown in. Will it do fine?