I'm thinking Edwards les Paul is the best bet. There's so much controversy about late model gibsons having issues. I have an epiphone and it sounds good but the quality sucks, the frets are low, can't get the action low, the knobs aren't even flat and 10 min of playing throws it out of tune.

Ivebeen looking at Edwards, rondo, any other ideas?
Go to as many shops as you can and play as many as you can, Gibsons, Epis, Edwards, whatever you can find, until you find one that you know is right for you.
I don't think there are any shops around here with agile or edwards guitars ready to try though.
Yea Agiles and Edwards are online order only.

I'm not sure about the Agile neck shapes but gimme a sec and I'll check the Edwards LPs in comarison to my H-III

EDIT: Well it turns out the ESPJP site doesn't post the neck shapes on the Edwards models.

The neck on my H-III is pretty average (maybe a hair thinner than a strat) so I assume the LP shape would have a similar one though. I can tell you going from my Epi G-400 to my Edwards was a dream. The Edwards necks are comfortable. (Yea I have tried more than just mine)

If you want something to compare to I'd check out some LTD or ESP guitars with the "Thin-U Profile" neck. That's roughly what the guitar would feel like. Not the "Extra Thin-U"

I mean it's still a gamble because they may not be exactly the same. But I think Edwards guitars are actually really high quality for the money. (You just gotta be careful where you buy it from some places are more expensive than others)
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I have an ltd 1000 model which is great to play but just doesn't sound like the les Paul. Looks like the Edwards is probably the way to go.
The Edwards will be the proper dimensions and closely match a real Gibson, but if you're a tone purist you may not like it. I personally think an Edwards LP would be a great sub for a real Gibson. But I may be a bit biased in that
If you can't try one of the other brands before you buy it, the quality of it becomes irrelevant. Go play a bunch of LPs in your price range. Depending on what your budget is, you'll probably find that Gibson quality is quite good, so long as you're not buying one sight-unseen online.

The quality issues are with quality control, i.e. letting poorly playing instruments out of the factory. That means that unless you're buying without playing it, there's really no problem. It's not like you're going to get one home and then it's going to catch on fire. You'll know right away if it's good or not.