Yes this is sick, in both meanings of the word. i don't even have any idea where to start.
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Quote by KillaKaze
I feel like the first chord is x79xxx palm muted? Maybe I'm wrong.

first one sounds more like a Dmin7 - x57565

and then you shift the bass note down a semitone - x47565 (you'll probably need to move the bass note with your barring finger and then quickly move it back up to his the chord

still working on the third, its some Bb chord, possibly just a major

and the last one sounds like an A7 - 575655

so as of now, for the first par, i have:
Dmin7, Dmin7 (flat the bass note), Bb major(?), A7

EDIT: for the "doom and gloom" part, i have:
Gmin7 - 353333
Dmin7 - x57565
A7 - 575655
and back to Dmin7

and for that A7, do something like this:

thats what im hearing, but i might be wrong
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