UPDATE - mixed/mastered/(kind of) compressed version with VOCALS is up!

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i've been working on this one for a little over a month and i've managed to record pretty much everything except vocals in the past few days. all the guitars are me, everything else was sequenced in guitar pro and soundfonted/etc in garageband. also by me

i'd have finished it before putting it up but i think in the final mix it might be harder to hear some of the cool electronica bits since there's gonna be a ton of vocals over top of them, and my pitiful macbook mic is having a hard time not making my vocals clip, so those might have to wait until i can go out and buy a fancier microphone setup in a few weeks.

there's a few tidbits of guitar missing too but i can fix that whenever and it's pretty dense as is, haha. tell me what you think!
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Nice work dude. Really nice in fact.

One comment - the drums (especially the double kicks) are a bit quiet in places. If you can bring teh drums up in the mix, I think it would improve the overall sound of the song.
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Holy crap, check this out!
Pretty good man, loved the instrumentation of the song. It grabbed me, it's catchy but still technical and awesome at the same time :P. I love the harmonies you made man, good job. Just one thing, the drums are low in the mix maybe increasing their volume a bit and then increasing the snare and bass drum volumes, I think that might help. The song reminds me of Karnivool, if you don't know them check them out! Overall very nice track, I like it. Keep it up!

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Hey nice work,

When I read "Counting to Infinity" I thought Calculating Infinity by The Dillinger Escape Plan. So I was expecting something a bit different. But I still really dig this, it's trippy stuff. I like the synth but personally I would give it a bit more bite. Maybe used a sawtooth wave and mess with the settings until you get more of a grindy sound. That's just my opinion though, otherwise I feel it sounds good.
Great stuff! I love the progression and song layout, very catchy and trippy vibe. It has a nice flow and sounds pretty original. Good job!
thanks for the comments, everyone! i just finished and uploaded a full version with vocals. i played around with the levels/EQ/compression/master effects enough that i'm reasonably satisfied with the way everything sounds now. i recommend listening through headphones but if your speakers are halfway decent the improvement should still be noticeable.

any comments on anything would be much appreciated, especially the production. i'm sort of feeling my way through garageband since I've been using it for like eight months without really taking advantage of all it has to offer. anyone who knows about how to make stuff sound more slick and professional with garageband, feel free to throw your two cents in!
im short of words dude, i love the song, the only thing i would criticize is the fact that in the verse the balls go up and down all the time and kinda forced (you know what i mean right?) but yeah, im simply short of words but i love the idea, which was pretty well executed
that was really well done,great job!I really liked to incorparation of the electronic stuff,it added alot to the song.You also have a pretty good singing voice and that is something i am usually really picky about when i listen to music.I dont really have any crit that i can think of.keep it up!
First, that was really well written. Kept me interested the whole time. The vocals aren't really my style but they fit the mood of the song.

Synth parts really added to the song i thought. Guitar was good all around, really liked the tone for this type of song.

Keep it up man.
That was very nice, I liked how you incorporated the synths. There's some weird hissing at 0:43 onwards though and the lead melody at 0:51 sounds like it's clipping a bit. I also think the drums should be higher in the mix. The vocals were pretty cool too, but not having them appear until 2:00 seemed pretty random (unless it's not finished). Nice leads too. It's hard to criticise individual parts of this song when it all blends together so well. Good job.
thanks for the input!

the vocals do take a while to come in, yeah. i'm actually writing a full album right now and this is the first song...so the long buildup in the intro is sort of along the same lines as the one in In The Presence of Enemies part 1 by Dream Theater, where it's more of an intro to the album than just to the song itself.
Favorited This shit srsly kicks, the only thing I'd point is the thin nasally sounding lead at certain points, or it's a synth I can't really tell it sounds a little chorused it's like at the beginning at the song. Anyways, vox is the highlight of this whole imo, although the riffs are really awesome, reminds me of In Flames I think except with like a real prog edge to it. The vox is amazing, from clean to growl I think you pretty much nailed it and the you know how to make the two contrasting styles blend really well, even though most of it is clean singing lol. In terms of the mix, I think just a tad little more bass added to the rythym guitar would make it sound a little better imo. It's also a little high on the mids, there's a little bit too much high mids, it kind of honks a little. I do like how it brings out more clarity though. The drums would sound much better if you added a tad bit of reverb to it and made the kick come out a lot more. Than again this is just some of my personal preferences, so really these changes would probably only sound good to me lol.

Btw, to answer your question all I used was EZDrummer All I did was crank up the kick in the UI and added a slight hint of reverb. I also had it quite high in the mix.
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thanks man!

and that lead at the beginning is a guitar, but i put the garageband bitcrusher effect on it and cranked up the treble to try and get it to stand out in the mix. and you're not the first person who's told me it sounds like In Flames. i was actually listening to Soundtrack to Your Escape yesterday since it's their only album that i'd never heard, and i realized my chorus pretty much is the exact same thing as My Sweet Shadow

thanks for the production advice too!