I play a mahogany Ibanez SZ with the stock pickups and im not sure whether its my guitar or my amp (Peavey 6505+) which is the source but it has been sounding really trebly to my ear. I'm looking for something that can cover lots styles but mainly im looking for something that will produce a thick and heavy sound (ex. Linkin park during the Meteora era). right now im looking at the Dimarzio Super Distortion, D-Sonic (or Crunch Lab) and Tone Zone. I heard that the D-Sonic and Crunch Lab were designed specifically for drop tunings. My band plays in mostly Drop D tuning and plays various genre but our original songs usually fall into the Hard Rock, Post-Grunge catagory. What are your suggestions?
You don't need a pickup designed for drop tuning of you're playing in Drop D. Any one of those pickups would do fine. On that note, I highly recommend the D Sonic (I have it, it's the only one of those I've used). As for orientation (bar toward neck/bridge), you could flip a coin. HTH
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Brad (Linkin Park) uses a D-Sonic. I think the D-Sonic is probably best for what you want.
I have the Super Distortion and Tone Zone and am familiar with the other two. Any of those will get you a good heavy sound. The Tone Zone is very thick and warm sounding and good from clean to the lower end of high gain tones. The Super Distortion is pretty balanced tone and sounds awesome under lots of distortion but the cleans aren't great.
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