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Instead of using CD's which kind of big, a little hard to transport, and require a computer before being placed onto an mp3 player why isn't music just sold on SD cards and we could even have the mp3 players have slots to accept the cards and instantly rip the music onto the player? It seems to make a lot more sense than CD's to me.
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Probably too expensive to mass produce
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You do realize that CD's really aren't used that much anymore, don't you?
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Some bands have released their music on flash drives. It's been done before in a way.

And Amazon and Itunes have done you one better by paid downloads thereby doing away with the physical representation of music altogether.
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Some people like having a physical copy.

But most music is bought over the internet these days anyway. There's almost no need for any tangible thing you can hold in your hands with music anymore, other than novelty.

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You do realize that CD's really aren't used that much anymore, don't you?


And SD cards are too small. Same reason a lot of Blockbusters (at least in my area) don't stock Gameboy games, especially DS. Way too easily lost. It's really easy to lose an SD card compared to a CD.
as long as they keep the quality up instead of only selling mp3s. and also, it's easier to buy something online (iTunes anyone?) than in a store.
it's a decent enough idea, but completely impractical
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I like the idea. That would be sick. But then new mp3 players would have to be made with the slot, and the cards would have to be made. And the cds that are already out would have to be put on the cards.. A.) too much money. B.) too much time C.) May not even work, so people wouldnt bother.
CDs will sound better because mp3 files are compressed and lack many crucial frequencies. By using Mp3 formats, you are losing audible quality, Use CDs and import them using a lossless format.
physical thing > digital thing. I'll take a CD that you have to be trying to truly ruin over a flash drive that my cousin who doesn't know I have important things on there could override them on, or that a dog could accidentally eat.

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because your card doesnt have an SD card player.
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