The action on my rg7321 was really really low, tons of buzz, too low. I had guitar center install some pickups for me and I asked if the guy could help with that a little, without paying for a full setup. When I got it back he said he just adjusted the truss rod a bit to get rid of most of it. It helped for sure but not enough, it was still bad. I figured I could just raise the saddles on the bridge to top it off and make it good. I raised them all up (and re-intonated) and...its still sort of there, but that helped a LOT. My action is really high now though, towards the higher frets as you could imagine. A little too high. I read the setup thread and did the test with the low e fretted at the 1st and like 20th frets, and there's no space in between the string and the fret wire in the middle. Does my truss rod need more adjustment? Could I give it a little more bow and then lower my saddles again? I really really want an even and low action without fret buzz, I know everyone does but I need some advice. Thanks!
i guess your guitar neck is too flat and need truss rod adjustment.
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Quote by Rob R
Could I give it a little more bow and then lower my saddles again?

Yes, that's exactly what you should try. But remeber, only a quarter turn at a time, then let it settle. And don't let that guy touch your guitar again...