whats up people. just wanted to know some of your thoughts on resting your wrist on the bridge while playing. for me its a habit and if i take it away from the bridge and play it becomes a magnet and rests back on it, ive been working on it for a little while so its not as bad now.....but do you guys think it is a bad habit?

p.s my stoptail is tarnished because of long time use like this
p.s.s this makes it difficult for me to play a floating bridge which i would like to allow myself to buy a guitar like that but since i have this issue i havent bought one yet
I don't know many people who don't play like that, except when they are strumming chords.

The thing you're not supposed to do is anchor, which is resting your pinky on the space beneath the bridge or on the corner of a pickup or something.

they do make lo-pro bridges for people who find the regular sized ones uncomfortable.
Sounds normal, you should be resting your hand on the bridge, unless you're doing some kind of open handed strumming. But like the guy above me said, don't start anchoring.

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I do the exact same thing, it gives more stability than floating when alternate picking and doesn't stress out the hand as much when you anchor your pinky on the pickguard.

TBH my fingers are even too short to be able to anchor and be able to properly pick the B string on my 7-string guitar
it's fine so long as you're not actively applying downward pressure when you're in "neutral".
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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how about when sweeping, i find that when i sweep closer to the neck i get more a round sound than twangy......so this "problem" does not efffect my speed or controL?