Lately i've fallen in love with a maple neck/fretboard, i have a fender strat with a maple neck/fretboard and i love it. I'm now looking for another guitar with a maple neck/fretboard and can't really think of something that i should get. Anyone got some suggestions? Don't worry about style as it doesn't matter, i can use just about anything to get the sound i want, was thinking about the PRS 25th Anniversary Swamp ash Special or the EVH Wolfgang, but if there is anything else out there that i haven't thought of that would be great. Thanks for your help
Carvin! You can choose your body wood too.
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Ibanez RG550, 1527M if you want a 7 string, 1550M.
A few EBMM's have them too, the Axis (basically a Wolfgang) and Silhouette.
Budget? As the above poster says, Ibanez stock some nice maple neck/fretboard guitars. All depends on the budget though, if youve got enough you could go custom...
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telecaster/jaguar? or maybe that PRS you were interested in. Next time you're in town go in the guitar shop and have a quick browse, look what models have maple fretboards and research them. Go back with your narrowed down list and try them out.
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