I found a very nice Gibson Les Paul on tradetang.com. The price was actually $85, but the price to ship from china was $220...is there anyone with a LP IN THE U.S. that can part with it for $200? It doesn't have to be in spectacular condition. Just please make it playable.

If you are Mr./Mrs. awesomest person ever and willing to sell, please PM me

I WILL pay for shipping.
tradetang is a notorious site full of fake Gibsons (and very bad fakes, at that)
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I wouldn't buy it if I were you, unless you wanted expensive firewood.

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ROFL tradetang exclusively makes fakes. They even say on the site that they're fakes. Your gibson is not real in anyway.
sorry what I meant was those are all fakes and noone is going to sell you any kind of Gibson LP under $500
Even though it looks good, the quality of it is probably TERRIBLE.
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I know this thread's a little old, but I saw one aswell on TradeTang today for $200.
I'm thinking about buying one, and then buying some EMG Zakk Wylde Pick Ups that I know somebody is selling.
Any ideas whether that would make it better at all?
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This thread is quite old and nooby up there bumped it without reading the entire thing and figuring out that tangtrade is full of fakes..

also: i lul'd at TS's cockyness till he found out..